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The Omni Diet

The Omni DietThe Omni Diet

The Omni Diet has been ‘scientifically designed’ by Tana Amen, BSN,RN to help you lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks.

The book The Omni Diet: The Revolutionary 70% PLANT + 30% PROTEIN Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, Fight Inflammation, and Change Your Life Forever is available on Amazon.

In my research I keep coming across the phrase ‘high protein, plant based diet’.  What?!  A plant based diet with meat protein.   The diet is also described as a Gorilla Plan for eating.

So basically the plan is that you eat like a gorilla.  Did anybody over there bother to Google the phrase “What do Gorilla’s eat?’ ?

Gorilla’s eat greens, with maybe a few insects that happen to be on the leaves.  In fact, in my hometown of Vancouver, BC we have a restaurant called Gorilla Food which is a raw, vegan restaurant.

So far I’m confused about this diet!  But let’s continue on, because I am nothing if not persistent!

On the Omni Diet you try to aim for 70% plant food and 30% protein.  There is no dairy, sugar, grain, processed food, alcohol, soy, corn, pasta and all those other refined and processed foods we should not eat!  So that is definitely a good thing.

Pros and Cons of the Omni Diet


This is a really healthy diet! They eliminate all those known baddies.

Whole foods that are easily available.

Eliminates those weight busting foods so you WILL lose weight.

No weighing and measuring of foods


The ‘Eat like a Gorilla’ marketing plan is dumb (nothing to do with the diet but come on!)

So while I seem to be stuck on this whole Gorilla thing, take that away and I like the eating plan itself. Honestly, we eat way too much of all that processed crap and a diet like this can get you back to what real food is.  Tana Amen had great credentials as does her husband ( a brain doctor no less!) and they also have other books and supplements you can check out.

In fact, I did not realize until I was looking at their books on Amazon that I actually own three of Dr. Daniel Amen’s books on ADHD!  The man knows his brain chemistry!


The Omni Diet: The Revolutionary 70% PLANT + 30% PROTEIN Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, Fight Inflammation, and Change Your Life Forever


Eat Healthy with the Brain Doctor’s Wife Cookbook


FORMULA ONE TM All Natural Diet Drops with African Mango. For use with the Formula One Diet Plan, Includes Allowable Foods List, Basic Diet Instructions Guide & Our Top Rated Customer Service.


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37 Responses to The Omni Diet

  1. Robin Rue says:

    Interesting. But I think on any diet most people would lose that much in water weight alone, so I am not sure if I buy into it, but it’s good to know 🙂

  2. chubskulit says:

    I read some good testimonials about this but then again unless you try it, that’w when you will know if it works or not.

  3. Michele says:

    This sounds like a good diet to restart my weight loss which is at the plateau stage—-not a happy camper here—I think I could manage to eat like that for only 2 weeks!

  4. Theresa says:

    Good for those who can stick with this diet. I am wayyy to addicted to the grains to try it myself, but good luck to those who do!

  5. ashj3nt says:

    I’ve not heard of this diet before, I think I follow it already. With an autoimmune disease, it is important that I eat properly, so mostly veggies and fruits, and a little meat. No junk!

  6. Guest says:

    I’m with the person who commented below; I eat a high-protein diet from plant-based sources, so I guess I’m already following the omni diet. I think what’s confusing is perhaps the phrase “meat protein”; it seems like the diet is claiming that people should consume high amounts of protein but from vegetable-based sources. Rather than consuming “meat protein,” you are consuming as much protein as you would if you ate meat but from vegetable sources. I am NOT an expert; that’s just what it seems they are saying, in my opinion. 🙂

    • anitabreeze says:

      Yes, I was confused about what they meant as well. That’s why I got hung up on the ‘Eat like a Gorilla’ thing.

  7. Casey says:

    I am confused by this because there are many non-meats that are actually great sources of protein. Is the omni diet claiming that the healthiest diet is one with 30% meat and 70% veggies? I’m just a little confused about the fact that 30% of your diet is supposed to be “protein,” as beans and broccoli also contain it and are not meat. I think it’s really interesting all of the different diets out there that work for different people’s bodies and am intrigued to know if this one has many followers.

  8. Terry says:

    I wonder if this is something my Hubs would do. He is trying to lose weight and doing it, but very slowly.

  9. mail4rosey says:

    I agree that we do eat way too many processed and junk filled items!

  10. Lawna Young says:

    I am currently on a diet but am having issues finding what I should and shouldnt eat. I bet this book would definitely help me on my dieting.

  11. Wendy Bottrell says:

    Dr. Amen is amazing when it comes to the Brain and Brain Health! For the past 2 years I have been gluten free, wheat free, grain free as an eating strategy. Real Food that is made in my kitchen, organic purchased from our local farmers. Feel the best I have in my adult life, have reduced my weight by 25 lbs without ever feeling hungry or that I miss out on anything! Thanks for sharing. Any eating strategy that will help individuals eat real food can only get healthy benefits! Best Regards, Wendy

  12. Sarah Bailey says:

    Sounds like an interesting view on dieting have to agree with the ‘Gorilla Diet’ idea though someone really didn’t think that through x

  13. becca says:

    not sure i like the whole eat like a gorilla view sounds off putting but the diet seems healthy enough

  14. Nicole Adkisson says:

    Not sure I like this diet. Gorilla Diet?

  15. Pam W says:

    This sounds like a very interesting take on dieting. It does eliminate many of the foods that my daughter has issues with…

  16. Jennifer Williams says:

    This sounds like a pretty good book. We just cleaned out our cupboards and found most of or pre-packaged food had expired because we are eating healthier. Not that I want it to expire as I could donate it but glad to see we are making better choices.

  17. Maria says:

    I need to do something and cut back. Hoping a diet and more exercise is exactly what I need.

  18. I have never heard of this diet before but it looks intersting. Thanks for posting the review.

  19. Lean Lacaba says:

    This sounds like an interesting diet, and I agree when you said that we eat too much processed food. Update us if this works or not! 🙂

  20. I have never heard of this diet before but I can see the benefits of it.

  21. Melanie S. says:

    I do try to focus on eating lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, but I’ll never completely eliminate dairy…or alcohol 🙂

  22. Kay Adeola says:

    I have not heard of the diet we try to eat as healthy as possible but there are something i will not go without i mean gotta have some indulgent things lol.

  23. Michelle D. Johnson Garrett says:

    The whole “Gorilla’ reference may be a turnoff for many but the concept is interesting.

  24. BabsProjects says:

    Instead following all the so called diets, if we limit our portion size, cook at home, and stay away from processed foods we all will be good. Unfortunately for those with time issues, this rarely happens.

  25. Fabulous Perks says:

    I never heard of this diet. I will definitely look into it some more. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Onica {MommyFactor} says:

    I’m not a dieting type of person but this sounds like in theory this could work. The system seems to be about watching what you eat. Apart from the Gorilla things. LOL

    • anitabreeze says:

      Eating like a gorilla has always been associated with the raw vegan world, so that’s what bugged me about it.

  27. Lori says:

    It sounds interesting. We’re a paleo/clean eating kind of family with a cheat meal thrown in here and there. The eat like a gorilla thing makes me chuckle, but would also make me put this book down immediately. LOL

  28. TheNewClassy says:

    I haven’t heard of this diet before. Thanks for breaking it down for us.

  29. Amanda says:

    This looks like an amazing diet! I could easily use it to loose my last few pounds of baby weight.

  30. Marielle A. Lord says:

    I don’t do well with diets. The last time I tried one was back in 2005 and i remember wanting to punch my bf in the face (lol bad diet, bad!)

    • anitabreeze says:

      LOL! It reminds me of that meme I saw on Pinterest: Please excuse me for anything I might do while I’m Hungry!

  31. I’ve been reading a lot about this diet and I’ve read some good and bad things..I’m not a big fan of dieting though. I’d rather just eat well and exercise.

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