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The Master Cleanse Recipe and Directions

master cleanse recipe and directionsThe Master Cleanse Recipe and Directions

The Master Cleanse has been around for years and is a favorite of Hollywood stars needing to crash off 10 pounds fast for an event.  When Beyonce Knowles told Oprah that she lost 20 pounds for the filming of Dream Girls by following the Master Cleanse, sales of the ebook went crazy! We have the Master Cleanse Recipe and Directions for you right here!

It is basically like a juice fast except that for 10 days you drink 60 oz a day of the Master Cleanse Recipe.  The easiest way to do it is to get a big jug and make it either the night before or every morning.

I have to admit that I have tried the Master Cleanse a few times and crashed very quickly.  I had heard that it helps to get the book but I figured why do that when I had the recipe?  Well, because so many of my friends swear by it, I finally did break down and get the book and I’m glad I did.  I actually made it through a full 10 days and lost 18 pounds!

What’s Inside the Master Cleanse Secrets eBook?

Well, after reading the book I was motivated not only from a weight loss point of view, I was determined to cleanse master cleanse lemonade dietmy body of all that built up toxic waste.  There is a lot of detail in here about the health benefits of doing a cleanse and why we need to do this 2 or 3 times a year.  The ebook covers:

  • Reasons to cleanse and why it’s so important
  • Controlling hunger while on the Master Cleanse
  • Helpful secondary ingredients you can use on the cleanse to reduce side effects
  • A daily Master Cleanse schedule, the optimum times to have the lemonade and the secondary ingredients
  • Preparing your body and mind for the cleanse to get the best results
  • The best way to exit the Master Cleanse and keep the results you worked so hard for
  • Question and Answer section

I have to say that with all the extra information and motivation, the book really did help me last the 10 days. You can order yours here.  The great thing is that you get it right away as a download and don’t have to wait to get started on your prep work.

Master Cleanse Recipe and Directions

Please Note:  For a full day’s juice, you will need to make this recipe twice!  Unless you have a large enough jug, then you can just double the recipe. Also the minimum to drink is 60 ounces of recipe, and the maximum is the whole 120 ounces.  So for the first day, try the whole 120 ounces and see how it goes.

  • 60 oz filtered water
  • 12 tbsp Organic Dark Maple Syrup
  • 12 tbsp organic lemon juice (about 6 lemons)
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Combine all ingredients in a blender (optional) or a large pitcher and stir. That is it!

You may also drink filtered water and mint tea.  Highly recommended is a nightly laxative tea, but that is pretty beyonce master cleanse recipe and directionsmuch it for the 10 days!

Important Note about the Maple Syrup In the book it says the Maple Syrup must be Grade B.  They are no longer graded that way for sale, what you need to look for is the Dark Maple syrup which used to be called Grade B.

Most people quit The Master Cleanse on their first day and so I would highly recommend getting a copy of Raylen Sterling’s ebook.  She walks you through it step by step and gives a lot of extra tips and tricks to make it through.

Pros and Cons of the Master Cleanse

The Good Things

  • Rapid Weight Loss of 10-15 lbs in 10 days
  • Simple.  make your batch every morning and don’t have to worry about what to eat and how much
  • Inexpensive

The Not so Great

  • You will be very hungry the first couple days
  • Some people will experience fatigue, headaches and even nausea
  • Not sustainable for a long term diet. Yes, there are times when you need to crash off some pounds for an event.  As long as you go into it knowing that if you don’t change your eating habits, the weight will come back afterwards.  Treat it like a jump start to a new way of eating.

 Coombs Family Farms Pure Organic Grade A Maple Syrup, Dark Color, Robust Taste, 32-Ounce Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper Certified Organic, 2.89-Ounce Container Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Peppermint Tea, 16 Tea Bags

The Master Cleanse lemonade recipe itself tastes pretty good and you do get quite a few calories from the maple syrup to sustain you (about 1300 calories a day).

So this is doable, but still, I would pick a 10 day period where there is not too much going on so that you can focus on yourself and even sleep more if needed.

And make sure you do not have a wedding or banquet to attend in the middle of your cleanse!

Good luck and let us know how you make out in the comments below!

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67 Responses to The Master Cleanse Recipe and Directions

  1. I could see this working if you had to be somewhere quickly and didn’t have time to lose the weight with diet and exercise, why not?

    I’m glad I take whole food multi-vitamins because they don’t upset my stomach when I take them on an empty tummy, so they would be great along with this diet.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Lesley Stevens recently posted…Amazon Associates Earnings for August 2014My Profile

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      I have trouble sticking to something like, I need my solid food. Buy if you are Beyonce and there is a multimillion dollar movie contract, well you do what you gotta do right!?

  2. barb says:

    The items DO NOT have to be organic.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      From a weight loss point of view, you are probably right. But from a cleansing your body point of view, if you are going to all that work to do a cleanse, I would use only organic ingredients. Otherwise what’s the point? Just my 2 cents.

  3. Lez says:

    Can you eat on the cleanse?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Officially? No. But one dark and lonely night I did eat some celery sticks. This really is a mindset thing because your body is getting enough calories from the master cleanse recipe. The fight really is in my head. But it’s all worth it, you will love how you feel after! Good luck!

  4. Misha says:

    I’m on day 5…lost 10lbs so far:)
    I feel great. Knowing I’m halfway there makes it easier and motivating to keep going!
    I have had a cup of black coffee the in the morning so I don’t fall asleep driving. I do feel a little hungry when I smell food but I make lemonade then. I think I’ll maintain this by having lemonade before each meal and do a 10 day detox every quarter. I love how it’s actually affordable and I’m not spending hundreds on a kit that I can’t afford long term

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      That is awesome! 🙂 I think everyone should do a cleanse minimum twice a year. Thanks for reporting how you are doing!

  5. JSAIV says:

    Can you drink Five Hout Energy during the cleanse, maybe the first few days?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      I believe drinking energy drinks during a cleanse would be counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish here, and that is cleansing your body of all toxins and additives. You will be surprised at the amount of energy you will actually have with this drink just the way it is. Good luck!

  6. jessica says:

    can you do this cleanse for 3-4 days?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Well, I think any cleanse is better than no cleanse. It won’t be as dramatic with weightloss and other benefits but 3-4 days of cleansing your system can’t hurt.

  7. Theresa says:

    I would love to try this cleanse but I have acid reflux so I am a bit concerned about the acidity and the mint tea (mint does not agree with acid reflux folks). Would it still work to switch to black or green tea and take Nexium or other antiacids on this cleanse?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      This is a great question! I too have acid reflux and suffer greatly without my Nexium. I was able to take 20mg a day instead of the usual 40mg during the cleanse. Peppermint tea doesn’t seem to bother me at all, but there is a chamomile version of Smooth Move tea. I would say to drink any tea that has no caffeine since this is a cleanse and caffeine could interfere. In fact, I wondered if it is caffeine that aggravates my acid reflux. Good luck!

    • Brenda says:

      Lemon juice turns alkaline in the stomach thus not producing acid reflux.

  8. Theresa says:

    Wow, that is interesting that you were able to take LESS Nexium -particularly with the acidity of the lemons. This may not be so scary to try out after all. Thanks for sharing!

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      I know! Makes me wonder what sorts of things are actually contributing to the acid reflux. I would have to follow an elimination diet and add things back one at a time. Ugh 🙁

  9. Jen says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse
    for a long time. I’m a caffeine addict and have tried numerous times to quit drinking sodas and tea. The problem is the caffeine headaches. Can you take Tylenol or any medicine while doing a cleanse? I get sick to my stomach when I take medicine on an empty stomach.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      This is definitely the worst part if you are addicted to caffeine! On the one hand, when you do a cleanse you want to eliminate all toxins, chemicals, etc but on the other hand, can you make it through the withdrawal? What’s important to know is that the hard part is usually over in a couple days then you will feel better than ever. So I would say, if you are absolutely going to throw in the towel and give up, then take the tylenol to get you through. Once you are rid of the caffeine addiction you will feel amazing!

  10. Nati says:

    Today is my second day and I have migraine, then need my medicine, no need for coffee at all today, but feeling like eating crackers. If I eat one cracker do I need to start over with the cleanse? Next Saturday going to an event I know will be lots of food and alcohol, I am planning to cancel it.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Crackers aren’t on the cleanse but if you’ve eaten one (or more) then I would just keep going. No point in throwing away all that hard work! Keep going!

  11. Christin says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Is it possible to use coconut water instead of normal water? And is it helpful to drink some detox tea? Thanks 🙂

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Definitely yes to the detox tea, this is a detox after all! I’m not sure about the coconut water. I’m thinking if it is organic that it should be ok, it certainly is good for you. But I’m not sure about how many calories that would add over the course of the day. The Master Cleanse is about 1300 calories as it stands with regular water. So if your goal is just to cleanse and detox, then yes. But if the goal is to crash off some weight, maybe not.

  12. Ali says:

    You say that there are about 1300 calories in each daily drink, but 12 tablespoons of maple syrup equals 600 calories. (1/4 cup equals 200 calories, which equals 4 tablespoons.)

    Can you please explain how you got 1300 calories? Thanks.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Oh my goodness! I updated this article recently and accidently deleted an important line! You need to double this recipe for a full day’s worth of juice. The reason the recipe is for 60 ounces is because it’s hard to find a jug that is bigger than that. Thanks for pointing it out! I am fixing it right now 🙂

      • Ali says:

        That makes sense. This means that if people drink the 120 oz. portion, they are consuming 1 1/2 cups of maple syrup a day. That is a TON of sugar. How can this be healthy?

        • DietReviewGirl says:

          It is not supposed to be long term, just for the term of this cleanse. There are people out there who consume soda pops all day long plus all their processed foods on top of that. Anyways, nice that it’s optional, you can choose to do it or not. 🙂

  13. Lori says:

    Can you you breastfeed while detoxing

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      No, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. Not something like this anyways. When you do a cleanse or a detox like this, all those toxins leave your body through sweat, waste and hate to say it, but a lot of that will also leave by your breast milk. Eat clean, but save something this extreme for when your baby is off the breast milk. My 2 cents!

      • Tonya says:

        I have a question about this, I understand that the toxins leave by your breast, but won’t the lemonade also get out and into your baby? I ask because my Granddaughter is 11 months and has already been on antibotics, wouldn’t her mother doing the cleanse help her “cleanse” as well?

        • DietReviewGirl says:

          oh boy, that is a great question but I just don’t feel competant enough in this area to answer it. Hopefully someone who reads this can answer or point to a resource.

          • Kat says:

            What you consume goes into your breastmilk. In this case there is no good stuff going into the breastmilk. No fat or protein. Essentially it will be the dreaded “blue milk” and provide no nutrition to the baby. An 11 month old will need more food. If the kid is on antibiotics there is a bacterial problem and a cleanse will not help the kid. It’s dangerous to even think it. Possibly look at food allergies. They can increase gunk in face and chest. If you want to boost a kids immunity look at the paleo diet. We follow that, along with my brothers 4 kids, kids are rarely if ever sick. I am a momma of 4 breastfed babies, and I’m actually doing this cleanse to stop milk production. It’s working. Also a nurse.

  14. Sarah says:

    Ah! I have found so many different variations of this cleanse. (Not dramatic variances) my question is I had read 6-12 8oz glasses a day but this says 60 ounces (7.5 8ounce glasses) to 120 ounces(15 8ounce Glasses) a day. And 1300 calories sounds a lot more doable (and healthy) than even 60 but definitely than 48 ounce minimum. Why are there differences in information? And is my fiancé going to be okay on 48 ounces today? He’s going to be gone with only what I made him for all of today. We just started our cleanse today.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      I am reporting what the author recommends in the ebook. She says the 60 ounces is minimum. So I’m thinking the variation of 60 ounces to 120 ounces takes into account individual hunger and body requirements. A tiny person might be fine with the 60 ounces, and a large man will need the 120.

  15. Sarah says:

    And I meant 1300 calories in 120 ounces sounds much healthier than the 650 calories in the 60 ounces but definitely more than what 48 ounces could give.

  16. Yolanda says:

    Today is 9 day and I have to much hunger and I eat chicken soup and

  17. Ally says:

    Thank you for your article! Yesterday was my first day and I feel the salt water made no difference in my regularity, should I still continue to drink it? Also I was prescribed some vitamins (a, d, e, iron, and also a diaretic) should I refrain from taking them for these 10 days? Thank you for your help!

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Well, I am definitely not a doctor and so I cannot tell you to not take something that your doctor has prescribed. They must have reasons for prescribing these to you. I would maybe wait until you are done with them before doing the cleanse. I don’t know what effect this will have on results.

      • Ally says:

        Thank you. Do you know if I should keep doing the saltwater portion even though it seems to have no effect? Also I’m using himilayan salt, but that shouldn’t matter, should it? Thanks for your help!

  18. Stacie says:

    Can I substitute raw organic honey for the maple syrup?

  19. Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am excited to start this!

  20. Katrina says:

    Do you leave it on the counter or in the refrigerator?

  21. Corrie Knoll says:

    I take apple cider vinegar and multivitamins every morning. Should I stop that on the cleanse?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      Whenever I do any cleanse, I take only what is on the cleanse just because I’m not sure what will affect he results or not. You can always add that back in after and it’s not a long time anyways. Good luck!

  22. Nadine says:

    Can I use something other than maple syrup…I really don’t like things that taste sweet.

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      I have no idea what effect that would have on the results of this cleanse. What I can tell you is that the maple syrup is very diluted with the otehr ingredients and you won’t be drinking a ‘sweet’ drink. I would do it just as it is presented for best results.

  23. Sally Crane says:

    If you are reading this then you REALLY need to spend the $29 and buy the e-book. The e-book DOES NOT RECOMMEND USING GRADE B MAPLE SUGAR!!!!
    Quote from the e-book:
    “That’s a problem because maple syrup contains a lot of sugar, and with no fiber or other solid food to buffer it, that maple syrup is quickly absorbed by your body ­ which elevates your insulin levels. That’s something we want to avoid.”
    There is more to this diet than just the above recipe…

  24. Momchoms says:

    I have tried this, could not make it theough two days, however I have lost 5 lbs In the last 5 days. Eating 6 times a day. Its almost too much food. The difference is, I am eating the RIGHT foods and I am exercising. I have 5 kids and run two business so if I can do it right anyone can.

  25. Susan Hunsinger says:

    Would stevia be a option instead of the maple syrup?

  26. Maddy G says:

    The creator of the cleanse, Stanley Burroughs, was very specific about using dark maple syrup because of the minerals it contains. I have done this cleanse for decades and second guessing a simple, easy plan makes no sense. You will need the calories for energy and this was created as a means to allow the body to heal itself, not as a weight loss gimmick. He does say that molasses can work but dark syrup is optimal. I also personally find the salt water too disgusting to get down and laxative teas are bad for you so I use triphala to keep things moving. It is not habit forming nor does it cause cramping. Hope this helps.

  27. Kiy says:

    So when are you supposed to drink the peppermint tea? Because it doesn’t get mixed in with the detox water, correc

  28. Kiy says:

    Is this supposed to be super spicy? I doubled the recipe, but it is very very spicy…

  29. Larry Taylor says:

    I am 94years old, take a truckload of medication pills.Have a heart condition, take WARFARIN, also AMIODARONE, Synthroid, Furosemide, APO-pantoprazole,
    MAR-allopurinol, RAN-atorvastatin, Flomax, JAMP- Sennosides. Would you recommend the lemon, maple syrup drink, with taking that medication?

  30. Sandy says:

    Can u take my vitamins and probiotics while cleansi ng?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      She talks about this in the Master Cleanse ebook. It’s best to not take them because this is a deep cleanse and you don’t anything interfering with that for best results. But ultimately it is up to you. There is a list of items in the book that can add extra nutrition to your body and they don’t interfere with the cleanse.

  31. Alissa says:

    Can this be a hot drink as well? Or should it stay cold?

    • DietReviewGirl says:

      That’s a really good question! I have always drank it cold, it never even occurred to me to drink it hot, I don’t see why not actually.

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