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The Jorge Cruise 100 Diet

jorge cruise 100 dietThe Jorge Cruise 100 Diet

Not exactly the most imaginative name ever, but the Jorge Cruise 100 Diet does make a pretty bold claim.  Count only sugar calories and you can lose 18 lbs in 2 weeks. This is the claim that Jorge (pronounced Horhay, I know, how cute is that!?) makes in his new book Jorge Cruise The 100.

So how exactly do you count sugar calories?

Take your food and whatever it contains in grams of carbs, multiply that number by 4. (I use an app for that!)

So lets take blueberries.  I went blueberry picking today so they are on my mind!  One cup blueberries is 21 carbs, so 21 x 4 = 84 sugar calories.

Ooops, my daily allotment is almost gone, this is not going to be easy!

The Jorge Cruise diet plan is a low carb diet.  A very low carb diet. And I have to say I was ready to poo poo this one.  After all, how is it different from Atkins or any of the other low carb diets out there?  Still, after noticing an endorsement from Dr. Andrew Weil right on the cover of the book, I had to check it out further.  Here is Cruise’s video explaining his theory about sugar. Remember, limiting grams of sugar is the basis for the Jorge Cruise 100.

Ok, so almost every article I have read about this has been negative.  I don’t really know why that is because limiting refined sugar should be on everyone’s to do list!  But it’s ok, I don’t usually follow the crowd, I make my own decisions.  If it’s a mistake, then so be it. This is what brings the greatest learning!

Pros and Cons of The Jorge Cruise 100 Diet

The Good Things

  • Rapid weight loss in the first 2 weeks builds motivation
  • Low sugar counts may be great for diabetics
  • No weighing and measuring (except for those foods containing carbs)

And the not so great

  • There will be some sugar detox symptoms, so be aware that they will pass.
  • Fruit has lots of sugar calories, therefore not a part of this plan(until after week 4).

 Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour, 16-Ounce (Pack of 4)jorge cruise 100 diet

So, bottom line is this. I am going to try out the 100 Jorge Cruise diet plan and report my results back here. How about you!?

(Update: Yes I did follow it for a week and lost 6.5 pounds!)

PS, Jorge uses breads and muffins made with almond flour , coconut flour and/or flax meal. These flours help add some great variety to this diet. I’ve listed the Amazon link below for the almond flour, it is an amazing price compared to what I have paid in my local supermarket!

What Do You Get in the Jorge Cruise 100 Diet Book?

  • Of course, you get the usual explanation of how the 100 diet plan works and the science behind it.
  • There is a detailed 4 week plan with ideas, recipes, menu tracker and more
  • A great question and answer section
  • A very detailed appendix and glossary with definitions of everything you can think of
  • This is my favorite part of the book.  Throughout the book there are excepts of a an interview with Gary Taubes.  Gary Taubes is the go to guy for everything low carb high fat (LCHF).  I highly recommend any book written by him, especially Why We Get Fat.

Good Calories, Bad CaloriesGood Calories, Bad CaloriesWhy We Get Fat: And What to Do About ItWhy We Get Fat: And What to Do About ItEat Fat, Get ThinEat Fat, Get Thin


Other Jorge Cruise Diet Plan Books

There are also a few other Jorge Cruise Diet plan books available that have good reviews such as the Belly Fat Cure. Whatever helps you get off that sugar roller coaster!



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