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Chunky Apple Oatmeal Muffins – Ideal Protein Phase 1, Low Carb

Chunky Apple Oatmeal Muffins – Ideal Protein Phase 1 Compliant

I’ve been experimenting a lot with making recipes out of the Ideal Protein packets and so far these Chunky Apple Oatmeal Muffins are my favorite!  They are super moist and apple-y delicious! They are made with the Apple Oatmeal packets.  If you are following an Ideal Protein alternative plan, then just use the Proti Diet apple cinnamon oatmeal packets available.  They will work great with this recipe!

What makes these muffins so awesome is a secret ingredient that tastes like baked apples!  And that secret ingredient is chayote squash!  Also called chayote fruit in some places.  Do you see where this is going? Cut into chunks and baked with cinnamon, those chayote pieces taste just like baked apple!  The bonus is this: if you are following the Ideal Protein Diet plan, you count them as a vegetable.  Oh bliss!

chunky apple oatmeal muffinsHere is a picture of them so you know what to look for in the store.

They are larger than an apple, kind of oblong with a ‘bum’ at the end.  The ones available in the stores around here have a smooth surface and a light green color. The skin is very thin and can be peeled with a vegetable peeler.

They are very crisp, and take on the flavor of what you are making. If you are missing fruit, then these might be a great find for you!

easy chayote squash recipeIngredients for Chunky Apple Oatmeal Muffins (makes 2 servings)

  • 2 Ideal Protein Apple Oatmeal Packets (or use Proti Diet Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 packet Stevia or whatever sweetener you are using
  • 1/3 cup egg whites (or 2 egg whites)
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 3-4 tbsp water
  • 1 cup chayote squash chunks (about the size of raisins)


  1. In a small bowl, microwave chayote with 1 tbsp water for about 2 minutes
  2. In another small bowl stir together all the dry ingredients.
  3. Add liquid ingredients
  4. Fold in the cooked chayote squash.
  5. Divide the mixture into either a 6 cup silicon muffin pan or whoopie pan.  I used a whoopie pan in this picture because I they make muffin tops, which I like!
  6. Sprinkle the tops with a little extra cinnamon.
  7. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes if using the whoopie pan, or 12 minutes if using a muffin pan.

Three of these muffins count as 1 unrestricted Ideal Protein Packet for Phase 1.  In addition, count 1 teaspoon oil and 1/2 cup Select vegetables.

I really hope you love these!

Ideal Protein Diet Week 3 and 13 pounds gone!

Ideal Protien Diet Week 3Ideal Protein Diet Week 3 and 13 pounds gone!

Well, I have been doing the Ideal Protein diet and just finished week 3 and the result is 13 pounds lost!  This is just beyond my expectations so far and has been relatively easy.  I am enjoying the food (well, mostly!) and because I like to cook and experiment that has made it easier to follow.  There’s a lot to work with here!

I love that there are so many foods to choose from.  I was on a mushroom soup kick for a few days.  The Ideal Protein mushroom soup packet tastes amazing if you add a cup of chopped mushrooms and asparagus to it.  I also add 2 ounces of chicken, it’s one of my favorite lunches!

Here are some pictures of new foods/recipes that I’ve tried this past week.

ideal protein diet

This week I discovered the joys of Jicama!  This is my new favorite vegetable.

Pictured are fries that I made by tossing the jicama in 1 teaspoon olive oil, salt and pepper and then baking on parchment paper in the oven until they brown on the edges.  They were really good, but don’t taste like fries.

I like jicama even better raw, they are crunchy and sweet.  Jicama counts as a select vegetable.

If you are doing the Ideal Protein diet and crave something sweet and crunchy like an apple, this is pretty darn close!


Some Other  Things I Tried on Ideal Protein Diet Week 3

Taco SaladTaco SaladChocolate Pudding HeartsChocolate Pudding HeartsCelery Root FryCelery Root Fry

Check out my first two Ideal Protein compliant recipes!

Apple Danish Recipe (made with Apple Oatmeal packet)

Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe  (which also make amazing lettuce wraps I found out yesterday!)

I’ll try to post my results here every couple of weeks with hopefully a new recipe too!


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