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Marz Sprays Review – Is it a Scam?

Marz Sprays Review

It seems that a product called Marz Spray  is the latest weight loss offer to spam my mailbox.  I have never been hit this hard!  Have you had any of these emails flood your inbox lately?  I have had all of these and more JUST TODAY!  Check out these crazy headlines:

A simple spray of this right into your mouth has the same effects as a 90-min cardio workout.

Spraying this mist into your mouth causes your body to quickly burn more fat then EVER before without even changing what you eat or the amount of cardio exercise you do.

Remove Excess Body Fat With Just One Spray Into Your Mouth

One Spray a Day Keeps the Fat Away!

ABC News Exclusive!

New Weightloss spray endorsed by Sharktank !

Just spray once a day into your mouth and experience sudden/ rapid fat-loss.

marz sprays

And of course, my very favorite:   **There is very limited inventory due to HIGH demand since being shown on ABC

So I am not saying at all that Marz Sprays is a scam.  But the people who are pushing it out there with those headlines, they are the scam.  Making false promises, no doubt trying to cash in on the New Year resolution crowd.

The only reason that I opened one of the emails to find out what it was is because of the Shark Tank reference.  It is one of my favorite shows and I figured there had to be something to this if they were involved.

And yes, Marz Sprays is a legitimate company that was featured on Shark Tank and got some of their financial backing.  They make various sprays such as vitamin boosters, sleep enhancers, energy boosters and the infamous weight loss spray.  It is simply a spray shot that gives you a high dose of B12 and other supplements known to enhance weight loss efforts.

What is in the Marz Weight Loss Spray?

According to their product information on their site, the Slim Spray contains popular ingredients such as Green Tea, Acai Berry, an assortment of vitamins including B12 and chromium picolinate.  It is also sugar and gluten free.  So this is actually a great supplement for a weight loss regime.  It’s too bad that the crazy internet marketers have got a hold of this and use their tactics to make a legitimate company look bad.

And I tell you, there is not a limited supply.  They sell Marz Spray  on Amazon so if you marz weight loss sprayreally did want to try it you could get one bottle to see if you like it or not.  The scammers that are emailing me are trying to get my credit card number of course so they can send me some kind of automatic shipment of this so called very limited product.  Ha, don’t fall for it!

And honestly, a weight loss spray?  I have been desperate at times, and frankly, I love to try new things in the hopes that one day I really will stumble across that diet miracle cure.  This is a supplement , not a miracle.

Honestly, you are much better off just exercising more and eating healthy.  I’m a huge fanmarz sprays of eating plans along the lines of Ketogenic, Paleo, and Mediterranean.   These eating plans focus on eating real and natural foods and moving more, just like our much thinner ancestors used to do.  Perhaps the Marz spray could be a good supplement, but that is not what those headlines are promising.

Don’t start your year off with this kind of false hope.  Just. Eat. Real. Food.

All the best to your optimum health in 2014!

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41 Responses to Marz Sprays Review – Is it a Scam?

  1. Robin Rue says:

    OMG, the things people come up with. And the sad thing is – there are people out there that will fall for it.

    • anitabreeze says:

      That’s why I wanted to put it out there. So annoying.

    • Alayah says:

      I never subscribed to this ever! This was an email I got, not to mention it had hundreds of oeople email addresses attached to it.

      Hello: Thank you for your subscription to Slim Spray.
      Your credit card has been successfully updated in our system.
      Starting April-09-2014 your credit card will be billed in the amount of $126.97 monthly.

      Want to unsubscribe? That’s okay! Request a refund and you will still receive a your first order.
      To unsubscribe and discontinue your subscription visit SLiMSpray Unsubscribe
      Melissa Miller
      SLiM Spray Sales

      • DietReviewGuru says:

        Thats why I recommend buying it from Amazon. I think the product itself is fine and a great weight loss supplement, but the people promoting it by email are scammers and will try to hook you into an ongoing monthly autobill.

  2. JadeLouise Designs says:

    WOW! I haven’t seen this one yet. What a shock to see such claims for a simple Spray! Hello, their email just screams scam.

    • anitabreeze says:

      I know. I’m a huge target for these emails because of my niche, but honestly, I have never been hit this hard before.

  3. Terry says:

    I haven’t seen anything about Marz Spray until now. It is really hard for me to believe that you could lose weight without healthy eating, and hard work as in exercise. I just don’t think many people would fall for that.

    • anitabreeze says:

      I sure hope not, but sadly the reason these emails exist is because they must get a certain number of people who do fall for it.

  4. Ronnie says:

    I don’t even remember seeing this on Shark Tank which means I wasn’t impressed by it. When it comes to weight loss, when something sounds too good to be true, it’s bc it’s not true…

  5. Sarah Bailey says:

    Now I have to admit it would be nice if there was such a thing that worked but yeah so many of these sprays and pills as you say are all hype. I’m guessing Shark Tank might be a bit like our Dragons Den people go into get financial backing from wealthy business men and women? x

    • anitabreeze says:

      Yes! We have Dragon’s Den which I also watch. I know somebody who was able to get in there get a partnership. And ya, would be nice but it’s not to be!

  6. Pam W says:

    I wish that something like this would work. It would be so much easier! But diet and exercise truly are the best way.

  7. Lawna Young says:

    If this worked it would be my dream product!

  8. Elise New says:

    I must not check my spam folder often enough, haha. I love the idea of a vitamin spray though! Oh my goodness, to not have to swallow pills… I’m in.

    • anitabreeze says:

      Thats my problem, I have never figured out how to effectively filter my spam! I’ll put THAT on my 2014 list!

  9. becca says:

    omg what will they think of next and to hit on a sensitive spot for most women. thank you for letting us know about this i would prefer to try something like the Mediterranean diet or weight watchers

  10. Michele says:

    That is a new one to me lol–but then I really just do not open most of those type emails and I rarely if ever go thru my spam folder–unless I am waiting for something and it hasn’t shown up in my regular mail! Healthy eating in moderation is the true key to all weight loss–no matter which plan you chose.

    • anitabreeze says:

      I completely agree.And if wasn’t for the reference to Shark Tank I never would have opened it. That’s why this is a problem, people see Dr. Oz or the Sharks and they think it must be legit.

  11. Marielle A. Lord says:

    weight loss in a spray bottle, seems legit to me! hahahah Good on you for not falling for the scam.

  12. GossipMoms says:

    It just sounds crazy, but hey you know how the marketing is nowadays. ITS SPAM

  13. I fully agree with you. You have to push yourself in the right direction. A “miracle” product may work at the moment but in the long run, it can do more harm then good.

  14. Jennifer Williams says:

    Okay, I needed a good laugh so thank you. I hate that they think people are actually going to fall for that. I think I will stick to my running to eat program, it always works for me.

  15. I think it is really sad that these companies prey on poor people who are desperate to lose weight. Everyone should know that there is no quick fix when it comes to losing weight.

  16. Karen says:

    It just seems so gimicky to me! But people want to be able to wave a magic wand and see the weight fall off.

  17. Annie Wong says:

    That just seems shady to me that a spray would help you lose weight instantly. Do the work & revel in your accomplishments & achievements!

  18. ashj3nt says:

    wow…. Just eat right and dont put that junk in your body! A spray that makes you lose weight? It may make you feel full.. its not going to make you lose weight.

  19. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I would never fall for anything that makes weight loss seem easy. It’s not; it takes work and I’m not silly enough to believe otherwise!

  20. Wow I can burn like 600 to 900 calories in a 90 minute workout… what are they saying… sheesh!

  21. PamIW says:

    Great advice. There are no miracle cures. Only products that take your money. In the end, calories in and calories out.

  22. Corinne Schmitt says:

    I never put much faith in anything that claims to make weight loss easy. I’d much rather concentrate on eating healthy and letting my weight fall where it may.

  23. Marianne says:

    Has anybody actually tried it?? Yes I know it sounds ridiculous, but you’re slamming a product, and I haven’t seen one person say they tried it and it is BS??? Just sayin….

    • DietReviewGuru says:

      Actually it is the spammy emails and claims that I am slamming, not the actual product. I get them every single day. I got an email today saying that I would lose 3 dress sizes in one week if I use this product. It’s unfortunate for the makers of Marz Sprays that a group of email spammers is using tactics like this because it reduces the product credibility. Thanks for coming by to comment and if you have tried it and like it, I would love to know about your experience!

  24. Dave says:

    I too got one of those spam emails and saw the shark tank reference. A little digging found this about product and shark tank appearance:

    “Lori Greiner who seemed like a perfect fit from the beginning does indeed like the Marz Spray and makes an offer of $200k for 30% of the oral spray business. This offer is also contingent on the deal with Nature Made being completed.”

    “Marz Spray after the Shark Tank Update”

    “It looks like the deal with Nature Made must not of happened which was contingent on Lori’s offer she made for the company. Unfortunately there is also no mention of Marz Sprays on either Nature Made or QVC websites which does not bold well that the deal was ever completed. Even without the Nature Made deal Lori still had an opportunity to pull all her money out with a profit and still control 12 1/2% of the company which seems like a rather low risk investment to me. The blog has not been updated in months…”

    Scam? Hmm, looking more and more likely

    • DietReviewGuru says:

      Interesting! That could explain why the product is being pushed so hard by so many marketers. If she pulled out then Marz Spray has to encourage other ways to promote. Thanks for your comment.

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