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Ideal Protein – Follow Along with Me on Week One!

Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein – What is It?

Recently I noticed that a colleague at work was disappearing before my very eyes.

I had noticed that he was eating vegetables at lunch, which was weird in and of itself because he was a confirmed veggie hater.  Or so I thought.

He told me that he had lost 40 pounds on the Ideal Protein plan.

So what is the Ideal Protein plan?  I had to know!

Ideal Protein is moderately low carb, low fat and moderate protein. It is a system of packets and bars along with your own chosen food.

You have 3 packets a day (2 meals and 1 snack) which you can embellish with vegetables and protein. Dinner is 8 ounces of protein along with 2 cups of vegetables. You can also have unlimited salad veggies like lettuce and cucumber.

At first I was afraid of the committment to coaching and buying the foods so I followed the Ideal Protein Alternative plan on my own.  I used the ProtiDiet Packets (see bottom of this page) and I did lose a few pounds but I also lost my way several times and cheated.

All the while I watched my coworker’s  weight disappear some more and so decided to jump in.  All in!

I will chronicle my week to week journey here, starting with Week 1 below!

Week 1 Day 1 of Ideal Protein

Day 1 began with me visiting an Ideal Protein coach.  In that visit I filled out a medical and health form and I was weighed and measured. The first meeting took about an hour to go through everything.  I left with a large grocery bag filled with the food and supplements need for my first week.  I also had a DVD to watch and a file folder of a lot of information to read as well as a journal to be filled in every single day.

Daily Ideal Protein Meal Plan

This is the basic plan outline:

Breakfast: 1 Ideal Protein Food (they call them packets), 1 MultiVitamin, 1 Potassium

Lunch: 1 Ideal Protein Food, 2 cups of ‘Select Vegetables’, Optional Unlimited raw veggies(think high water, low carb and green)

Dinner: 8 ounces Protein, 2 cups Select Vegetables, Optional unlimited raw veggies, 2 Cal-Mag, 1 Multi-vitamin, 2 Omega 3

Evening: 1 Ideal Protein Food, 2 Cal-Mag

During the day, you use 2 teaspoons olive oil, 64 ounces water and 1/4 teaspoon Ideal Salt. (same as Lo Salt). The salt helps to minimize Keto Flu symptoms which many experience eating low carb.

Notes:  You can split up your protein.  I am more than satisfied with 4 ounces at dinner so I eat an egg with my breakfast (2 oz) and 2 ounces protein with my lunch.

What happened in my first week of Ideal Protein?

  • I got an email every day with a 3 minute video to watch to learn more and stay motivated
  • The email also included a new recipe to try
  • I got 2 phone calls from my coach to see how I was making out.  She also gave me her cell number and twice I texted her to ask a question, which she answered promptly.
  • I lost 9 pounds!

Did you read that!?  Nine Pounds!

Ok, so this was just a basic overview of Ideal Protein and I will be sharing more as I go along.  I am almost at the end of week 2 and I have already come up with several of my own recipes and ways to pump up those packets!  These are all coming as fast as I can write them for you! So be sure to stay tuned!

I Can’t Afford Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is spendy and I am so grateful that I can afford it.  I figure it will cost me about $120 (Canadian dollars) a week for the IP foods and then whatever other foods and supplements I will need along the way.  I need to weigh out the fact that I won’t be spending money on my morning Starbucks run, restaurants, alcohol, etc.

But I get that it still might be too much and there are Protein Foods out there that you can substitute for the packets and follow this program exactly for about half the cost.  While I highly recommend getting the coaching, I get it and everyone should be able to do this.  ProtiDiet makes awesome food packets that can be used instead, see what I found below and be sure to read more about Ideal Protein Alternative Plan in my next article.

Ideal Protein Alternative Food Packets

Dr. Bernstein Diet

Dr. Bernstein DietDr. Bernstein  Diet

This diet is a long time ‘weigh and pay’ program, having been around for 35 years.  It is a very low calorie, medically supervised plan that promises (and delivers) rapid weight loss.

Exercise is not required and they indicate you will lose about ¾ lb a day of only fat. That averages about 20 pounds plus per month!  Those results are astounding, but you do pay for them.  I spoke to a friend of mine who is currently doing this plan and she is paying over $1000 a month.

I honestly do not know how you can maintain muscle mass without exercise but this is their claim. I suspect that because it is so low calorie (about 800 calories a day) they may want to protect you from passing out!

Pros and Cons of Dr. Bernstein Diet


Rapid weight loss

Medical supervision and coaching

Use of real foods


Cost is prohibitive for most people

Very low calorie and no exercise does not seem like you would learn how to do this long term

You have to live near a Dr. Bernstein clinic


I would love to hear people’s experience with this one.  Did you go through this program and successfully keep the weight off?

The books below are written by a different Dr. Bernstein, however it occurred to me that they would be more useful and affordable for most people and they have excellent reviews!

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

The Diabetes Diet: Dr. Bernstein’s Low-Carbohydrate Solution

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook: More than 175 Ultra-Tasty Recipes for Total Health and Weight Loss

Weight Watchers Diet Plan – All Grown up!

weight watchers diet planWeight Watchers Diet Plan

My very first exposure to the Weight Watchers diet plan was as a preteen.  My mother was a member and I watched her weigh and measure her food and lose 30 lbs right before my eyes on the original Weight Watchers diet.

Almost everyone I know has been to a Weight Watchers meeting at least once.    It is quite possibly one of North America’s most popular ‘weigh & pay’ plans for losing weight and the big WW has been around since the 1960’s.

Back then, the Weight Watchers meal plans were very strict with no carbs allowed.  You had to eat fish 5-7 times per week, liver once a week and there was almost zero flexibility. Coming full circle,  this original Weight Watchers diet plan is actually much closer to the way I eat now!

Just like me, Weight Watchers is all grown up and modern now.  They have deep pockets, as is evidenced by the A list celebrities who promote the plan and the TV ads they run in prime locations and time slots.  Weight Watchers is big business, with their own Weight Watchers Foods and Snacks and all kinds of gadgets and gizmos to assist you in reaching your goals.

One thing that is still there is the weekly meeting.  Weather it is in person face to face, or an online weight watchers diet planmeeting on their website,  studies show that meeting attendance and support and camaraderie from fellow members does result in more success for members.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the Weight Watchers Diet Plan:


  • Group support from others
  • Reasonable, well balanced meals
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle changes
  • Plan is updated constantly
  • Lots of resources such as this Weight Watchers Diet Plan which includes a complete guide and 14 day menu.


  • Can be cost prohibitive for many people (approximately $40 per month depending on coupons and specials)
  • Some people rely on ‘points’ instead of what is nutritious
  • Most of the foods with the Weight Watchers logo are very processed and so really not that healthy! (Sorry WW, but it’s the truth!).
  • I find the recent plans to be more complicated to follow in contrast to the clear and concise original weight watchers diet.  I guess I need structure!

Having said all that, many many people have been successful on the Weight Watchers program.  Yes, you can do a not healthy program, but if you are really committed to a long term lifestyle change, then choosing the best foods and staying active seems like a great way to reach your goals!

Things You Will Need for Becoming a Successful Weight Watcher

  • A good food scale.  I have had my stainless steel food scale for years and love it. Salter and Ozeri are both Weight Watchers Diet Plangood scales.
  • Measuring cups and spoons.  Weighing and measuring accurately are key to tracking on the Weight Watchers diet plan.
  • If you are not going to join a local group and do the Weigh and Pay, then you will need to get some WW resources.  Amazon has an entire Weight Watchers Resource Page to find everything you might want.
  • Group Support.  Look online for groups to get some help and support.  There are several weight watchers groups on Facebook that cost nothing.  If you can afford to go all in and join a local meeting, then do so.  You can use the Weight Watchers Facebook group for support in between weekly meetings.

There are so many Weight Watchers Diet Plan products available


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